Monday, March 7, 2011

Shoes: The New Image for Wedding Photographers

I've noticed that many of my friends that were recently married decided to have accessory shots during the "Getting Ready" period on their big day. And when I married my hubbs late last year, I did the same thing! I was able to highlight a few important pieces of the ensemble (ahem...the shoes...). Afterall, most of the time, you are unable to see these great goddesses as a result of the long dress. I feel they could be just as important as the rest of the outfit - and many brides take this accessory as that one special pop of color. All the more reason to show them off!

Although mine were not a bright color, I definitely loved them. See my shots below:

Here are a few other great wedding shots that highlight the leading accessory: the bridal shoes!!!

So much color and style! And these photographers capture the true beauty. pretty. Just another example that during your wedding, anything goes! And it's your day so make it your own :)

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  1. I love this new style of wedding photos, it's something new and fun and our style :))