Friday, March 4, 2011

Jersey Shore's Snooki Partners with Happy Feet!

snooki happy feet slippersLast year, Snooki announced she would be launching her own line of slippers, similar to the cozy, snuggly ones she dawns on MTV's Jersey Shore. Well, the time has come! She introduced her new line at this year's MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Paired with Happy Feet, her slippers seem to match the MTV star's personality - colorful! And totally cushioned. She also created a ridged sole so you are free to run running to the gas she told

I must be honest - these little clounds certainly look comfy...but I doubt I would step out of the house :) At any rate, it's a great empire she building and she's got the right idea with shoes!

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  1. SO funny! Love your blog!